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Junk Journal Ideas : Using Gold Leaf On Journal Cards.

adding gold leaf to junk journals

I’ve been working on a boho style junk journal, using my Sunny Boho Printable Journal Kit recently, and I decided it needed a bit of “bling”. Bohemian style makes me think of gypsies and rich colours, and beads, baubles and shiny things.

So I thought it would be nice to add some gold leaf into my journal.

In the following video, I show you how you can add that bit of sparkle to your journal cards, or anywhere in your journal for that matter.

I hope you enjoy this video and this idea!

Fiona xx

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Dyeing Seam Binding and Cheesecloth: Tips and Tricks for Creative Junk Journals

dyeing seam binding

Transform Your Junk Journal with Custom Colored Seam Binding and Cheesecloth – Discover how to add beautiful, personalized touches to your journal with simple dyeing methods.

From Basic to Beautiful: How I Dye My Seam Binding and Cheesecloth for Junk Journals – Elevate your junk journaling skills and impress your friends with these simple, effective dyeing techniques for seam binding and cheesecloth.

Sunny Boho Papers : Sunny Boho Addon Kit :

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DIY Fairy House Lamp With Clay

Handmade clay fairy house LED lamp

Hello my crafty friends! Would you like to know how you can make a little fairy house lamp like I did with air dry clay?

If so, I have a video showing my process below. This is not really a tutorial video as such, as there is no talking, but I show you my process on this one, and I will do a full tutorial on my next one, which I will put over on my new patreon page.

My patreon page is not set up yet, but I will keep you posted on that one, and there will be lots more clay tutorials coming up on my youtube channel.

Things You Will Need For DIY Clay Fairy House

An old glass jar ( I used an old coffee jar)

Air Dry Clay ( any brand you prefer, I used Jovi)

Clay tools, or just your fingers


Aluminium Foil

Acrylic Paints

A water based varnish

Battery operated fairy lights

Enjoy the process!

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Cute Fairy Door Keychains, Journal Dangles

fairy door keychain

Guys…ssssshhhhhhh!….the fairies are here! Let’s not scare them away.

I created some little fairy doors from clay (an air dry clay I make myself), which are like tiny little portals to allow the faery folk to enter into our realm… just have to believe!

I have made them into little keychains, which you can dangle from your keychain, backpack, or hang from a junk journal! Maybe you have created a fairy themed JJ lately, wouldn’t these look so lovely adorning your journal?

You can purchase them right here on my website….YES I WANT ONE

I am only selling to Australia and the US at present as I am still trying to figure out shipping prices.

Working with clay is my other passion, and you are going to be seeing a lot more of my clay creations.

I also have a couple of lovely fairy Junk Journal Printable Kits in my etsy shop, HERE, and HERE if you would like to create for yourself a fairy journal.

Fairy Door Keychains