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Cute Fairy Door Keychains, Journal Dangles

fairy door keychain

Guys…ssssshhhhhhh!….the fairies are here! Let’s not scare them away.

I created some little fairy doors from clay (an air dry clay I make myself), which are like tiny little portals to allow the faery folk to enter into our realm… just have to believe!

I have made them into little keychains, which you can dangle from your keychain, backpack, or hang from a junk journal! Maybe you have created a fairy themed JJ lately, wouldn’t these look so lovely adorning your journal?

You can purchase them right here on my website….YES I WANT ONE

I am only selling to Australia and the US at present as I am still trying to figure out shipping prices.

Working with clay is my other passion, and you are going to be seeing a lot more of my clay creations.

I also have a couple of lovely fairy Junk Journal Printable Kits in my etsy shop, HERE, and HERE if you would like to create for yourself a fairy journal.

Fairy Door Keychains